monday morning mp3: cat power

I should be asleep, but some combination of getting up later than usual and having coffee at 5 this afternoon has resulted in insomnia. So you’re getting your music early.

I worked the 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. shift at a 24-hour photocopy place in Atlanta for a good chunk of my college career. The guy who worked the graveyard shift was Glen Thrasher, who also published a ‘zine called Lowlife and cohosted a show on WREK called “Destroy All Music.” Glen struck me as grumpy but basically pretty nice, and he tried to clue my clueless self in to some local indie and avant-garde music. He played sporadically in a few different bands, including “I see the moon” and, I think, “Freedom Puff.” I learned years later, after I’d moved to D.C., that he’d also played with Chan Marshall, better known as Cat Power.

Then I read in Creative Loafing that in her younger years, Marshall had worked at a pizza place on Ponce de Leon in Atlanta that was like a second home to me. Perhaps she’d even served me a slice and a salad.

Marshall has developed a reputation for being absolutely horrible live, reportedly because she suffers from extreme stage fright. I’ve never seen her perform, so I can’t say. I have listened to most of her recorded music, however, and it’s really affecting and often disturbing. Somehow melodic and dissonant at the same time, usually midtempo or even quite slow.

I’ve picked one of the most accessible tracks off of her recent album, You are Free, because the lyrics just break my heart: “Good Woman” (mp3, 4.7MB)

Here’s an iTunes list of Cat Power music.

I realize that this is not exactly the most obscure music selection, and you’ve probably heard of Cat Power already, haven’t you, dear reader? The point is this: I’m not trying to play obscurantist bingo; I just want to share some music I really like, most of which is stuff I don’t hear on the radio.

MP3 files are posted for evaluation purposes only. Availability is limited: usually 24 hours. Through this site, I’m trying to share and promote good music with others, who will also hopefully continue to support these artists. Everyone is encouraged to purchase music and concert tickets for the artists you feel merit your hard earned dollars. If you hold copyright to one of these songs and would like the file removed, please let me know.

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7 thoughts on “monday morning mp3: cat power

  1. thanks! I have read *of* Cat Power but not heard any tracks…now I’m itching for more. Good thing I have a couple of gift cards I got for the holidays…

  2. She has an album of all covers that it also pretty accessible. Her whispered, minimalist version of the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” is a must-listen…
    I saw her doing her thing in Chapel Hill a few years ago. She was just about the shy-est performer I’ve ever seen. Among other things, she refused stage lighting (she sang her whole set almost completely un-illuminated).

  3. Amardeep, I have the covers album, too, and it’s pretty good.
    Chuck’s exactly right about the pizza place.
    There’s a pizza place that’s opened up here recently near the university, and the owner says that he’s trying to emulate Fellini’s. He’s close (and it’s really good pizza), but no cigar.

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