monday morning mp3

Neko Case, “I Wish I Was the Moon Tonight” (mp3, 4M) from Blacklisted

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6 thoughts on “monday morning mp3

  1. I like Neko Case too (the only album of hers I have is “Blacklisted”). My favorite song: “Stinging Velvet.”
    I also like her other band, The New Pornographers.

  2. There are days during which I could just listen to “I Wish I Was the Moon” over and over. “Deep Red Bells,” too.
    Haunting is an overused term to describe the kind of music she makes, but it still fits so well.

  3. I only just started listening to her, and I wish her producer would dial down the reverb on her voice, but she seems to combine the best qualities of Patsy Cline, Kim Deal, and Exene Cervenka. I’m hooked.

  4. dave and I will probably spend the duration of our friendship fighting over who gets to be Neko Case’s boyfiend . . .
    I always describe her as a half-drunk Patsy Cline at a roadside dive at closing time. Although her “Wayfaring Stranger” shows that she can do a wicked Americana gospel with the very very best of ’em.

  5. I was listening to Blacklisted and to the New Pornographers too over and over again about a year ago, definitely a fan. I brought the album to the car again not too long ago, but haven’t listened to it for a while, not sure why. I’ll have to get it out and listen some more…thanks for reminding me.

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