my ongoing bibliography

Here’s something a little OCD about me: Whenever I take a stack of books back to the library, I record them in a little list because I’m afraid I haven’t gotten everything out of them and might need to go back and reread them.

I almost never reread them, of course.

  • Ken Bain, What the Best College Teachers Do
  • Bernard Bergonzi, Exploding English: Criticism, Theory, Culture
  • Michael Berube, The Employment of English
  • Robert Boice, Professors as Writers
  • William E. Cain (ed), Teaching the Conflicts
  • Gerald Graff, Clueless in Academe
  • —, Beyond the Culture Wars
  • Stephen Greenblatt and Giles Gunn (ed), Redrawing the Boundaries
  • Robert Bechtold Heilman, The Professor and the Profession
  • Thomas P. Miller, The Formation of College English
  • Isaiah Smithson and Nancy Ruff (ed), English Studies / Culture Studies
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5 thoughts on “my ongoing bibliography

  1. I started a private blog in which I dump book titles. Some of them are ones I want to read or find, but the ones I finally have to take back to the library because I’ve reached the renewal limit take up a significant chunk of space, too. One of my categories is “Library.”

  2. KF, thanks for your interest! I was just batting around thoughts about the state of the profession and its current public image. To the extent that those thoughts developed beyond inklings, they appeared here.

    Joe, I haven’t read that book, but consider it added to the list.

    Heidi and Mel, I guess what I do is probably more common than I thought, which makes me think of something Matt wrote,

    My blog is largely a professional venueóîpublic workbenchî is the phrase I fall back on. So most of what I post falls into the catagory of things at least loosely related to my academic life. I donít know about you, but I gave up trying to organize my bookmarks some time back around 1996. So my blog, as a searchable database, functions in part as a professional organizer.

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