a short dramatic work for your amusement

On the way to school this morning, we passed the Sonic we pass every morning. This is the Sonic to which we look for lunatic inspiration. A couple of years ago they had a sign out for “Cheesy Coney & Tots,” which inspired an entire, imagined 1970s-style television cop drama. Cheesy and Coney were the two cops, always doing things their own way, just outside departmental regulations, and Tots was their informant. “You’re a loose cannon, Cheesy! I’ll have your badge for this!”

This morning there was a a sign for their “Lenten Special.”

L: “What kind of Lenten Special could they have at Sonic?”
G: “I have no idea.”
L: “Maybe people are giving up tots for Lent.”
G: “Yeah, I guess…Bring out your tots.”
L: *laughs*
G: *rolling down window, shouting in my best Monty Python voice* “Bring out your tots!…Bring out your tots!”
Construction workers building a house nearby look up with curiosity.
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