brang tha goldurn noise

You know that song “Bring the Noise,” by Public Enemy and Anthrax? This (MP3, 3MB) is not that song. (From this album.)

MP3 files are posted for evaluation purposes only. Availability is limited: usually 24 hours. Through this site, I’m trying to share and promote good music with others, who will also hopefully continue to support these artists. Everyone is encouraged to purchase music and concert tickets for the artists you feel merit your hard earned dollars. If you hold copyright to one of these songs and would like the file removed, please let me know.

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3 thoughts on “brang tha goldurn noise

  1. NZ,
    Hard to say how grateful I am for your posting this song, and even harder to say how quickly our pasts catch up with us. I’ve just put up a piece over on Monty Cristo about it. So, thanks.

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