what to do in las vegas…

…with a bunch of people who study the eighteenth century.

I’ll be going to ASECS 2005 in a few weeks; I’m chairing a panel and giving a paper. If you’re going, please let me know. I hope to make the most of this trip. Sometimes it seems I miss out on networking opportunities when shyness kicks in. Any suggestions for overcoming this?

Also, for some reason the only flight home I could get leaves at 1:00 in the morning on Monday, so I’ll have all day Sunday in Vegas to entertain myself. Any suggestions? It’s a far cry from Boston.

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2 thoughts on “what to do in las vegas…

  1. Suggestions? You betchya. Other than taking a walking tour to see the various casinos, I recommend a stopover at the Liberace Museum which is located on E. Tropicana (I believe). Incredibly bizarre, and the gift shop is stocked with hot, campy buys. Also make sure that you make it over to the Rio so that you can go to their rooftop bar, which has a great view of Vegas (though, alas, Rio is far away from the Strip, so you’ll have to cab it. There’s also a Coca-Cola factory (or something along those lines) on the Strip down by Paris. If I remember correctly, you can make your own Coke (lemon, vanilla, etc.). Though, ultimately, does it really matter? Coke or Pepsi? Choice in our postmodern age is so lackluster. Have fun! Don’t play slots and stay away from the blackjack tables. Play p*ker–your odds are best there.

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