good news when really i needed it

I learned today that I’ll be getting a substantial summer stipend from the National Endowment for the Humanities to support my research.

Man, I needed that jolt of happiness!

Edited to sound more dignified and less cryptic.

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12 thoughts on “good news when really i needed it

  1. Congratulations! (I’m jealous – I didn’t get one of these – which is not supposed to be a comment all about me, but just to note that I know how hard it is to get one of these, so you should be very proud!)

  2. Yeah, G2! Way to go!! What terrific news. That’s two big things for y’all…wonder what #3 will be??

  3. Thank you, thank you!
    As Chuck has been known to say, “I am rockin’ like Dokken.”
    Kari, I am undecided as to the timing of my next research trip to England, but I will certainly provide research reports when I go.

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