After racking up 1,800 frequent flyer miles yesterday, I made it to the conference hotel, delivered my paper along with three other people on my panel, engaged in some Q&A discussion, which was nice, given that we were the last panel of the day and had gone over our time limit, looked around for people I know, didn’t see any, went back to my room, ordered room service, crashed.

What kind of a time zone lets the sun come up at 5:00 a.m.? It’s hard enough to sleep in, given the time zone change.

The weather here is beautiful. I haven’t been to the strip, yet. I need coffee.

To the person who hoped to go out with me last night: sorry I crashed so early. I’m really not a boring old man.

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One thought on “vegas

  1. I’ll try you again tonight, ok? I was up late and slept in (which is a bummer, as I wanted to go to the SHARP panel) and am still not over at the conference. I’ll go to the 2:30 talk, however, and maybe we can meet afterwards? I shall be wearing a black and white polkadotted skirt.
    And I am very sorry that I woke up your roommate, who probably hates me now.

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