attention bloggers: places i’ll be visiting/living

[Edited for clarity of dates.] In the near to not-so-near future I will likely find myself in

  • London, England: June 3-27 that’s 13-27
  • Manchester, England: June 27-July 16
  • Charlotte, North Carolina: August to January
  • Annapolis, Maryland: 27-30 October
  • Charleston, South Carolina: undetermined visiting
  • Savannah, Georgia: undetermined visiting
  • Atlanta, Georgia: undetermined visiting
  • Columbus, Georgia: undetermined visiting
  • Macon, Georgia: undetermined visiting

Please plan accordingly for the festivities to celebrate my arrival.

Alternately, let me know if you live in or near one of these areas and would like to meet for coffee or a meal or a night of drink and debauchery.

I know of a cluster of D.C.-area bloggers and Atlanta-area ones. I am looking in your general direction. If you are anonymous, I promise not to blog meeting you so that your location can remain secret.

That is all.

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9 thoughts on “attention bloggers: places i’ll be visiting/living

  1. Will you be in the British Library for most of your London stay? I’ll probably be dashing down for a day or two of last minute research and will look out for you.
    Incidentally, on the BL front, see this and this. From the latter: ‘Statistics show that in the last month [April] the 1,200 desks in 11 reading rooms have been virtually full on a daily basis with an average of only five to ten seats available.’ And this is a good thing…?

  2. I will still be in Manchester hanging around doing some primary research in the main University Library during that time. So, if you are around (and I presume you will be as the Deansgate building is still closed), maybe we could meet for a coffee and a chat about book history at some point?!
    Drop me a line if you fancy it.

  3. Yes, Red, I’ll be using the BL and Dr. Williams’ (I know, I know) Library. Please email me and let’s talk about times we might get lunch or a cup of coffee. The statistics about the BL are worrying, aren’t they?
    Cath, I will indeed be using the main university library (and staying in a university dorm just down Oxford Road). I’ll be in touch.

  4. hey hey,
    iffn you fancy a quick trip north while in manchester, there’s a place for you to stay in scenic sunny edinburgh. i can maybe even swing the ‘sunny’ part, that time of year! what i can deliver for sure, tho’, is a grand night out on the kilty town. so lmk. ciao–

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