friday “summer” shuffle

From Scrivener: What are the “summer” songs in your mp3 collection? Here are mine:

  1. “It’s Summertime,” by the Flaming Lips
  2. “Indian Summer Sky,” by U2
  3. “Summer Babe (Winter Version),” by Pavement
  4. “Summertime,” by Miles Davis
  5. “Summertime Rolls,” by Jane’s Addiction
  6. “Nightmare-Summertime,” by John Fahey
  7. “Summer Cannibals,” by Patti Smith
  8. “My Own Summer (Shove It),” by the Deftones
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4 thoughts on “friday “summer” shuffle

  1. It’s on The Unforgettable Fire and is not my favorite track as it’s sort of jumpy and jittery on an otherwise very atmospheric album. I dislike “Wire” for the same reason.

  2. Woo-hoo… another list! Here’s mine:

    1. Here Comes The Summer – The Fiery Furnaces
    2. Celebrate Summer – The Paybacks
    3. It’s Summer Here – Ass Ponys
    4. Summertime Thing – Chuck Prophet
    5. The Other Side of Summer – Elvis Costello
    6. Summertime Cowboy – Husky Rescue
    7. Indian Summer – Jesse Malin
    8. Starless Summer Sky – Marshall Crenshaw
    9. Summer’s Kiss – Afghan Whigs
    10. I Just Want Someone to Love (For the Summer) – The Volebeats
    11. The End of the Summer – Dar Williams
    12. Summer Salt – Kristen Hersh
    13. Roll on Summer – Paul Kelly
    14. Summer People – The Webb Brothers
    15. The Boys of Summer – The Ataris
    16. Summer Days – Bob Dylan
    17. Summer Breeze – Jason Mraz
    18. Summer Breeze – Seals & Croft
    19. It’s Summertime – The Flaming Lips
    20. South Wind of Summer – The Flatlanders
    21. Meet Me In The Indian Summer – Van Morrison
    22. Summertime – Will Smith
    23. A Summer Wind, A Cotton Dress – Richard Shindell

    I might have to make a mix CD and see what all those sound like together!

  3. 1. “The Garden (End Of Summer Intro)”, by Faithless
    2. “Summer’s Here”, by Magnus
    3. “Summer Pass Me By”, by Millionaire
    (I must have such a small mp3 collection…)

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