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“Hello Boss” canned coffee, which I bought at the new location for the Chinatown Food Market, a stone’s throw from the City Market. It says it’s made in Taiwan, but I think that’s Vietnamese underneath the word coffee.

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4 thoughts on “hello boss

  1. I don’t think they do, kel, but there are other places downtown to buy milk. I’m pretty sure the Osco at the corner of 10th and Main does, for example.

  2. Thanks for all the pictures of downtown KC. Your blog makes me nostalgic for my hometown, yet back when I actually lived there (last time was ’87) I couldn’t wait to get out. I think it really, really has improved, especially downtown, which was one of those typically “dead” midwesterner downtowns then.
    Anyway, one of your Flikr photos in this set was a picture of the Kansas City Club and the caption said you had no idea what that was. The KCC is one of those old-style “society” clubs. You have to be invited to join and then, I’m sure, vetted thoroughly. If Richard and Emily Gilmore were real and lived in KC, they’d definitely belong (although Emily would probably only be admitted on certain nights, I’m sure, and really only “belong” through her husband). So would the Huntsbergers. Lorelai and Rory would mock it without mercy.

  3. Thanks for the explanation, Tina.
    Downtown has obviously changed a great deal since 1987. It’s even changed significantly since we moved here in 2002, and the changes are not universally positive although they are pretty much universally in the direction of development. If we were to stay here in this particular neighborhood, I suspect we would not be able to afford it much longer.

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