meme mania

Following the example of a number of fine bloggers, I offer you the eyes (click for the full face featuring newly bleached hair):


The Friday cats (not mine):



The random ten:

  1. “Starla,” Smashing Pumpkins
  2. “Under the Influence (Follow Me),” Cee-Lo
  3. “Xplosion,” Outkast
  4. “Ticker-Tape of the Unconscious,” Stereolab
  5. “Some Catch Flies,” Kristin Hersh
  6. “Warm Love,” Van Morrison
  7. “Modern Romance,” Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  8. “I’ll Stick Around,” Foo Fighters
  9. “Dead Man: 2 Sonatas,” John Zorn
  10. “Blow Up the Outside World,” Soundgarden
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6 thoughts on “meme mania

  1. I like that we can click through to see the new hair color… but I don’t know the old hair color. Any story behind the bleaching or were you just interested in a change?

  2. Hmm, well here’s one pic (kinda blurry) where I have my usual dark brown hair. Not sure why my smile always appears lopsided. Sometimes I feel like my whole body is lopsided.
    And this is the first pic that appeared on the site with the blonde look.
    I’m not sure that there’s much of a story, Dr. H. I’ve been bleaching my hair now and then since I was 16. It’s just an easy way to feel like you’re reinventing yourself, I suppose.

  3. oh, I see… that’s cool. I have never colored my hair in my life, so I think I mistakenly assume it’s a monumental event for some people. ;) Thanks for the other pics.

  4. I’ve only ever been semi-anonymous, anyway. It’s not that I don’t want people to figure out who I am; I just don’t want to be quite so “out there” as I used to be on this blog.

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