gearing up

In case I should meet the Queen, I’ve packed a decent blazer. Hmm, I should probably include a tie.

  • Passport? check
  • Currency? check
  • Tickets? check
  • iPod? check
  • Camera? check
  • Laptop? check
  • Comfy clothes for travel? check
  • Books to read on flight? check

My first tran-Atlantic flight took place in 1979 when we moved to Belgium. Back then, people dressed up because flying felt like a special occasion. I wore a polyester 3-piece suit. I wish I was kidding. This time it’s jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoody. The temperature will hover in the mid-60s in London this week, which sounds pretty nice

I completely overhauled the laptop earlier today and somehow ended up with 15 gigs of free disk space I didn’t know I had. Need to make sure I take an ethernet cable and a lock to secure the computer when I’m away from my room.

My itinerary tomorrow takes me first to Houston, which means a 9-hour flight from there to London. Ugh. If the first leg instead took me to Newark, I’d be in the UK much sooner. Well, at least I might have a chance to snap a shot of that weird statue of Bush the Elder they have in the Houston airport. If I do, you’ll be the first to know, dear reader.

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4 thoughts on “gearing up

  1. I broke in a pair of Docs sprinting across GHWB Airport.
    Also, the last time I seriously dressed down to fly due to comfort issues (PJ pants and a hoodie), I was seated beside this incredibly elegant Indian grandmother in a beautiful sari. Since then I’ve at least worn jeans.

  2. Hey George, I’ll be in touch about your trip for details about what to pack. I’m going to England at the end of September for a year-long degree at Oxford, and I’ve only traveled internationally once (pre-9/11)–I have no idea what to expect for customs, luggage limits, etc.
    Hope you’re having fun!
    Adjunct Kait

  3. Wow, a year at Oxford sounds great. Customs is no big deal. Just don’t bring any food or weapons (duh) and you’re okay. I think with luggage you can check two big suitcases and can carry on one item that will fit in an overhead bin and one that you can put under the seat. I haven’t checked luggage in over a decade, so I’m unclear about the rules.

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