just a few life/blogging notes

  1. Barring unforeseen circumstances, it looks like we’ve found a place to live in the city to which we will be moving in August. Close to the university, 60% of our current rent, a house in a subdivision. I have never lived in the suburbs before. No, really.
  2. I’ve added a list in my sidebar called “This week’s 10.” It’s a list of blogs I intend to visit and comment upon relatively regularly for a week through web browsing (rather than an RSS feed). Someone–I’ve forgotten who now–suggested doing this in a recent blog entry.
  3. I’m going to paint myself into a blogging corner with promises of two forthcoming posts:
    1. A post on working in the archives.
    2. A post in response to Scott Eric Kaufman’s on teaching literature and history.

Off to the library…

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4 thoughts on “just a few life/blogging notes

  1. The list of ten is a great idea, and I’m thrilled to be on it! And I love reading about archival research. I was doing some a year ago.

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