Samuel Johnson’s Cat

Heidi very generously gifted me with one of the free Pro Flickr accounts she had. Yay! I’ve uploaded a bunch of my London photos from last summer.

This one is a shot of a statue commemorating Hodge, Samuel Johnson‘s cat. Hodge is sitting on top of Johnson’s Dictionary, demonstrating that in the eighteenth century, cats were just as likely to sit on your work as they are in the twenty-first century.

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5 thoughts on “Samuel Johnson’s Cat

  1. My cats’ favorite place to sit is on a stack of papers to be graded. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to hand one back and say, “um . . . . sorry . . . ”

  2. I was wondering if complaining about upload limits and thinking about upgrading to a pro account would work for you as well as it worked for me. Not that I’m saying you were aiming for the gift any more than I was, but I got a nice, unexpected gift when I did it, and then a few days later I read your post and wondered if you’d have the same luck. Glad you did–love the shot of Hodge in particular.

  3. Scrivener, I assumed that everyone who was given free Flickr accounts had already given them away. $24.95 seems like a pretty good deal for what you get, so I was pleasantly surprised by Heidi’s generosity.
    As for animals and schoolwork, I once gave back papers with raccoon paw prints on them because of a late-night intruder.

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