Obviously I’ve been running on some kind of deficit: I was out cold for 15 hours last night.

In other news, within about 20 minutes of each other, I ran into two American bloggers yesterday at the BL: Scott and Meg. Add that to the list of advantages of having a Flickr account and relatively unusual hair.

Sundays are my only days off–the other days you’ll find me hunched over a desk in the library, reading at breakneck speed, ruining my back–which means laundry and some sightseeing. Unfortunately for me, Westminster Abbey and Wesley’s Chapel are not open for such shenanigans on Sundays. I’d like to see the stained glass window at W.A. commemorating eighteenth-century novelist Frances (Fanny) Burney, but that will have to wait for another trip. Maybe I’ll head to the Tate Modern, instead.

I’ll meet Meg for a beer later this afternoon.

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One thought on “sleep

  1. Oh – everybody’s at the BL except me. I’m jealous. That lovely un-English combination of excellent climate control and all those good espresso options….and some books. If you meet bloggers at the BL, does that count as IRL, or is the BL actually some kind of parallel virtual universe?
    WA used to have extended hours and free admission on Wednesday evenings, btw.

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