2006-2007 teaching carnival series

Last year’s series of Teaching Carnivals went very well due to the excellent efforts of nine volunteers (plus me) who gathered hundreds of individual blog posts related to teaching in higher education. I’d like to start lining up hosts for the forthcoming year, and I believe we can start hosting these once every two weeks.

If you are interested in hosting, gmail me at georgehwilliams. I would also greatly appreciate it if you would post a notice on your own blog letting people know I’m looking for volunteer hosts.

Previous Carnivals:

Update. The following are (roughly) the dates for future Teaching Carnivals. Let me know if you are interesting in hosting on a particular date:

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6 thoughts on “2006-2007 teaching carnival series

  1. george, i’m definately interested in hosting one of these suckas. i got my eyes on december 1 – is it taken?

    i will post something about your quest for more and new hosts but before that can you point me to a site that explains the concept? i understand it from reading it and using it but it would be helpful if you had some wordage that i can use in my own post.

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