sleater-kinney webcast on 2006-08-03

The band Sleater-Kinney are calling it quits for awhile, but you can catch one of their last performances by listening to tomorrow’s webcast provided by National Public Radio.

“I was definitely a part of riot grrl when it happened way, way back in the early ’90s,” says Sleater-Kinney guitarist and singer Corin Tucker. “But that all kind of took place and came and went really before Sleater-Kinney started. But I think that our presentation probably carries over a lot of feminist notions about wanting to be seen as multidimensional humans and as musicians first and foremost, and not wanting to be sort of seen as these objectified ladies.”


Update: Rescheduled for August 3 due to power outage.

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One thought on “sleater-kinney webcast on 2006-08-03

  1. You could listen to tomorrow’s webcast, or you could see their last show at Crystal Ballroom next weekend. Tix went on sale one saturday morning (I forget when — a few weeks ago) at 10am and were sold out at 10:02. Luckily, Special K got ours at 10:00:40. It seems like it’ll be worth the trip (even though he’s a muuuuuch bigger fan of the lasses than I am).

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