vanity tag possibilities

I think I’m going to get a vanity license plate when I register my car here. I’ve been considering a number of possibilities. Here’s the list in the order they came to me:

  2. KID A
  3. OMG WTF
  5. WWBD

The last one is the leading candidate, right now. What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “vanity tag possibilities

  1. I like the last three, although I think my fave is #3.

    (I’m not a Radiohead fan, so the first two don’t speak to me, but that’s no reason not to get one of them!)

  2. #3 would make me laugh out loud if I actually saw it on a license plate. Not that you should necessarily get that one. I’m missing something on #1. #5–Buddha? Buffy? Bubba? Any of the above?

  3. I’m not sure #3 or #4 would make it past the license plate censors, frankly. And I don’t know how I’d explain what either one of them meant to my little (and not so little) nieces, nephews, and cousins. So I think those two are out, though it would totally rock to have either one on a license plate.

    Heidi, #1 is a reference to a Radiohead album as is #2.

    #5 is indeed meant to be “What Would Buddha Do?” and not “Bush,” though I wouldn’t mind people thinking “Buffy” or (to a lesser extent) “Bubba.”

  4. Seeing the first one on the road would make the day of anyone who worked out what it meant. I’ve seen a few custom plates utilising l33t around Melbourne recently – my favourite said ‘3rot1k’ – what a los3r!!

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