call for carnies: tc #11

Now that the schedule for the next few months is set, it’s time to start thinking and writing again about teaching in higher education. One month from today, I’ll host Teaching Carnival #11. Please email me with your nominations of worthy posts on this topic, and/or you can tag relevant posts in order to nominate them or to contribute to Teaching Carnival Backstage.

Any and all topics are welcome, but I thought I’d throw out a call for some specific things, too. Please do me two favors: post a link to this call for carnies on your blog, and email a few bloggers you know who might be unaware of the Teaching Carnival series.

  1. What are you doing differently this year compared to last year? Why?
  2. What kind of preparation for teaching did you get in grad school? Was it adequate? What should have been done differently? How are you preparing the next generation of grad students for the classroom? How does the way you were taught affect the way you teach?
  3. What sorts of innovative writing assignments are you using? I am particularly interested in disciplines other than English, since I believe that writing should be a part of almost all courses. How do you evaluate your students’ writing? Do you use a rubric?
  4. Are your students engaged in service learning? What kinds of connections between the classroom and the community are you making?
  5. How does information technology figure into your teaching?

Feel free to ignore my suggestions and come up with your own topics.

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4 thoughts on “call for carnies: tc #11

  1. I know, I’m totally lame for not having put up such a post at my place. For some reason, I’m not posting of late. But I’ll put up a post, I promise. Maybe it’s all part of a subconscious plan to stagger the requests?

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