sunday afternoon

I took my guitar and amp over to Peter‘s this afternoon, and we did a bit of improvisational goofing around for about three hours. It was fantastic. I recently accquired one of these, and it produces some really beautiful effects.

When the pizza delivery guy showed up, he told us he was in four (!) local bands, so we invited him in to talk about music. He declined playing with us, but he left knowing about Hub Bub as a potential performance venue.

Not a bad day.

Update: I forgot the best part! As we talked about improvisation, the pizza guy told us a story about going to see a performance in which two musicians used a variety of different instruments, moving from one to another as they progressed through song after song. When he noticed that the drums were being underused, this guy jumped on stage and played percussion with them for their entire set. And the original performers were not at all thrown off track by the unexpected guest musician.

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