why is this turtle purple?

rescuing a turtle

I have no idea why my camera phone makes this turtle look purple, but he sure is cute. As I was driving to the grocery store this morning, he was trying to cross a 4-lane, and I knew that it would ruin my week if on the way home I saw him smooshed in the middle of the road. So I pulled into the median, jumped out, grabbed him, and took him to the grass (far from the edge of the road) where he seemed to be headed.

He was not purple.

I do loves me the critters.

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4 thoughts on “why is this turtle purple?

  1. LR, if I were a superhero whose only power was to eliminate roadkill, I would be very happy.

    Scott, I don’t think so, but who knows?

    Mike, I totally forgot about Jenna’s turtle love.

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