i don’t sleep. i dream.


I dreamed about torture.

I dreamed about deadlines.

I dreamed about moving to a new house (again).
I dreamed it was an old apartment.
No, it was the third floor of a mansion.
It was an enormous secret wing of my uncle’s house.
It was a treehouse.
I was sleeping in my car.

I dreamed I was in a band. I wasn’t prepared.
It was Bruce Springsteen’s band.
No, it was Cat Power.
It was my own band.

It wasn’t a band. It was a play.
It was Shakespeare.
It was Wilde.
It was Ibsen.

I wasn’t prepared.

I dreamed you didn’t come home last night.
I called you but there was no answer.
I dreamed I was awake all night, worrying.
At dawn I reached for the phone, which was covered in spaghetti sauce.
Then I remembered.
We’re not married any more. You don’t live here. You’re all right.
I’m all right.

Everything’s all right.
Everything’s all right.
Everything’s all right.

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6 thoughts on “i don’t sleep. i dream.

  1. Try not to get worried
    Try not to turn on to
    Problems that upset you
    Oh, don’t you know
    Everything’s alright
    Yes, everything’s fine
    And we want you to sleep well tonight
    Let the world turn without you tonight
    If we try we’ll get by
    So forget all about us tonight

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