(With apologies to David Markey.)

Lucinda Williams and Pema Chödrön are getting me from 2006 to 2007, which promises to be a better year.

I just wanna live the life I please.
I don’t want no enemies.

I don’t want nothin’ if I have to fake it.

Never take nothin’ don’t belong to me.
Everything paid for. Nothin’ free.

If I give my heart,
will you promise not to break it?

I Lost It

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4 thoughts on “broken

  1. Do you remember the day? Of course you do; we always do. Mine was December 17, 2005.

    However, the 368 days in between then and today have been some of the most important days of my life.

    Sometimes strong people have to break in order to grow even stronger.

    Good wishes to you for 2007!

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