let down

by Radiohead

I’ve always thought of this as a song about disappointment, so it’s appropriate that the copy available on YouTube is plagued with static and silence towards the end.

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5 thoughts on “let down

  1. That’s it; I’m kidnapping you and we’re going to the beach for a day.

    The cat can come, too. I’ve got a pair of cat-eyed sunglasses with rhinestones that would look simply *fabulous* on her.

  2. Ok, now I *have* to see a picture of a cat on a beach with those sunglasses. I don’t care who takes the picture!

  3. Hey George!

    I’m glad you started bloggin’ again. Loving all the music videos! And hey! I think I’m coming down for talk20 on the 16th. I’m looking forward to sitting there WATCHING it, instead of freaking out about waiting to go up and speak. You should come too! It’s at the place called “The Showroom” I think– have you heard of it? It’s supposed to be cool (I guess).

  4. Whenever I post a youtube vid, it seems to get taken down the next day due to copyright infringement or owner boredom, or whatever. I mean, it doesn’t stop me from constantly slapping those things up or anything … but yeah =]

  5. Denise and Heidi, my cat has a strict anti-glasses policy, it turns out. I searched online for a suitable picture, but no luck.

    Brian, I’m definitely going to Talk 20. Let me know when you get to town!

    Sheri, somehow I’ve avoided videos disappearing. So far.

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