Thank you for the suggestions. Yesterday on the way home, I stopped at the grocery store and bought a bouquet of flowers that ended up being big enough for two vases. This evening I tried my hand at taking a picture of them.


A walk to the library resulted in both an audio book for additional walks as well as a graphic novel for escapist reading.

On the way there, I ran into my neighbor and suggested his family and another neighbor have dinner at my place this Sunday.

There’s still room for one more suggestion.

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6 thoughts on “voilà!

  1. I found myself in this exact spot a few years ago. It’s how I started running. I’m the slowest runner ever, but that never once mattered to me. This might sound like a cliche, but I suggest adopting one physical challenge/hobby that you haven’t mastered yet. Don’t create big goals–except just to work at it a little every day.

    My friend went through a major crisis and signed up for karate classes. I started running when I hit my big depression. I know at least one person who is now a triathlete for these same reasons. Get your body moving when your mind and life seem to be stalled out.

  2. Dovetailing off of Jenny’s suggestion (which is technically suggestion #5, so this one doesn’t count), beginning a martial art grounded me and provided a structure and order to my life when I was anxious and spinning my wheels without getting anywhere.

    Although I don’t attend anymore (long story, 100% about me and nothing to do with the dojo), I have the name and number of a *fabulous* Aikido dojo in town. It’s more traditional than commercial, and the instructors are genuinely interested in the students’ mental and physical development rather than raking in the bucks or running a daycare. The physcial benefits of training are nice, but the mental benefits are even better.

    [end Denise’s Aikido Infomercial]

    Whatever you decide to do, keep us posted!!

  3. I very much like the physical activity suggestions. I currently go to the gym about 3 times a week, alternating weights and cardio. However, I do not have any kind of long-term goal in mind. My neighbor is a triathlete (and an MD), so maybe I’ll talk with him about how I might proceed. (And I need to be mindful of certain things.) I ran cross-country in high school, but didn’t really distinguish myself in any meaningful way.

    Martial arts? Intriguing…

    Denise, the graphic novel is Runaways. Not great, but not bad.

  4. If you ever want to read manga, I’ve got a list of some really great ones.

    It takes a few pages to get used to reading from right to left (and the frames are read circularly instead of linearly), but it’s not hard.

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