is there a ghost

Random Bullets of Pure Blogging Gold:

  • I have not started a pseudonymous blog.
  • I have started seeing someone who just moved to Sparkletonia and heard about me via friends of hers who read my blog. Iowa and Missouri, I’m looking in your direction.
  • Remember when I said I wished I could find a cute indie rock girl? Mission accomplished. Or rather, she found me. I’m very happy.
  • I’m going to two regional eighteenth-century conferences in the coming weeks. I’m a little rusty at this. The first presentation concerns a posthumously published collection of sermons by George Whitefield. The second reflects on the intersection of the studies of oral and print cultures.
  • I’ll be giving a paper (my first!) at 4C’s in New Orleans next semester: “Depression, Anxiety, and Empathy in First-Year Writing Courses.”
  • Literary Theory is a blast to teach. My students rock.
  • This year’s National Coming Out Day festival was a great success.
  • I played a small but (I like to think) important role in getting my university to build a house for the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate.
  • The Hub Bub artists continue to make life in this town more interesting than it might otherwise be.
  • Thanks to all of you who commented recently. I wish I had time to respond to each comment. I’ll try to write something as time allows.
  • I’m trying to figure out what role blogging will play in my (academic and personal) life. I started blogging back in 2003 in part because I felt isolated in a new city, and somewhat frustrated by the circumstances of my life. In 2007, I am surrounded by good friends, (some affiliated with my university, and some not) and so I have a network of face-to-face people with whom to interact. This changes the nature of the blogging I (might) need to do. Thinking…
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5 thoughts on “is there a ghost

  1. Yes, things are going well. However, my occasional metaphorical house guests (about which I’ll be speaking in New Orleans) seem to be threatening a visit. I’m working on convincing them that such a visit is a bad idea.

    And I’m psyched about meeting all the Comp/Rhet people at 4C’s. If blogging had existed when I was a student, I would have had a much better idea of what that field is about, and chances are pretty darned good that I would specialized in it.

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