young artists

A silly, early ’90s video from a fun band. I used to play music with Sheila (the violin player) on the porch of her house in Little Five Points, in the ATL. There may have been some kind of curry and tofu, too. I can’t remember.

Meanwhile, 15 years later and a 2-hour drive away from that life, Sparkletonian young artist Arielle writes,

Rachel and I sat out on our stoop and we laughed about the people we had just met, looking out onto Main Street and I realized this was exactly what I had wanted to do, exactly what I had wanted from Spartanburg– to sit outside at night with a friend and a drink and laugh, and look at the people left on the street and entertain the idea that they all had something to offer, and that we would somehow meet them all.

Laughter, Joy, and Loneliness… Love and Hope and Sex and Dreams…

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