Please leave us here, close our eyes…

Please leave us here, close our eyes...

touch one
Now jump
and twist your body around
You should face the opposite direction

feel heavy and clumsy

rise and turn

Escape to

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book arts

I need a new creative outlet, so this weekend I took a trip to Urban Arts and Crafts and picked up a copy of More Making Books by Hand as well as some book making supplies.

After a little googling, I found The Book Arts Web, which features The Bonefolder, a book arts e-journal.

Among the continuing education classes at the Kansas City Art Institute is this one:

Bookmaking for Beginners This class will provide information, demonstrations and some in-class work time for making different types of one-of-a-kind and small edition books. Topics to be covered include simple book design and materials, several different binding styles and techniques, the basic operations of cutting, gluing and folding, page design and layout, and the use of text and different styles of type. Ideally, students will already have some ideas about content that might be all visual or more writing oriented or that incorporates both image and text. Students will also need to provide their own means of producing pages, such as access to an inkjet or laser printer, a commercial shop such as Kinkoƌs, or their own drawings, photographs or other artwork on paper that they want to make into a book.

I’m considering signing up, and I’ll keep you posted.

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