your body is the next country to be conquered

In Indiana, “Planned Parenthood Is Told to Show Children’s Files” (NY Times). This situation is hot on the heels of the Kansas Attorney General’s fishing expedition. Meanwhile “Savage Love” author Dan Savage continues to point out that straight folks have as much to fear from the sex police as gay folks.

Update: Instead of engaging in these kinds of activities, those who claim to be interested in the wellbeing of underage girls should ask themselves this question: What is it about our culture that inhibits girls from reporting genuine sexual abuse to the proper authorities? Shame-based sex education–a philosophy that treats all sexual activity by young people as pathological–is part of the problem. If they were honest in their intent, the attorneys general would also consider what legal threats might result in the reduction of sexual choices available to adult men who impregnate underage girls.* I doubt, however, that they will take these steps.

*I’m not advocating that state attorneys general should engage in legal threats to try to regulate sexual behavior; I’m just trying to point out the hypocrisy.

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i knew this would happen

Morons. Remember folks, nothing you do is important unless you can keep someone else from doing it. You remember that rule from when you were a toddler and some other toddler wanted to play with a toy you were no longer interested in, right?

Oh, wait. I’m supposed to be respectful of this “moral values” crowd, aren’t I? Let’s see. Respectful…respectful…

Well, I certainly loved their work on evolution, and I look forward to the return of laws against miscegenation. And those meth labs? Love ’em!

Today’s musical accompaniment. (MP3, 7.2MB)

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Terry Schiavo

Timothy Burke has written the best thing I’ve read.

Update: Now I think this may be the best thing.

Update 2: “Report on Sciavo Finds No Abuse” (Benedict Carey, NYT).

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ads on my blog

Okay, without asking Jason’s permission (and I hope it’s okay), I’ve added Google Adsense ads to my website. Why? All money earned from these ads will go towards tsunami relief efforts as part of BlogAid. Money is generated when users click through ads for products that they are interested in. I don’t know how much money these ads will generate, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

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