eight the hard way

I’ve been memed. (I’m breaking some rules.)

I recently took a trip.

  1. Miles driven: 2300
  2. States driven through: 7
  3. Cities visited: 2
  4. Old friends visited: 19
  5. New friends met: 5
  6. Dogs: 7
  7. Cats: 11
  8. Major life changes upon which closure was achieved: 2
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my body is a cage

What if I didn’t tell people the worst things about myself in the first five minutes of meeting? Just a thought.

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jesus is my prozac

I’m very late in blogging that the irrepressible Chuck Tryon came to visit last weekend. BBQ was eaten, films were watched, bands were seen, and a good time was had by all.

“Could Be Anything,” by The Eames Era

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Thank you for the suggestions. Yesterday on the way home, I stopped at the grocery store and bought a bouquet of flowers that ended up being big enough for two vases. This evening I tried my hand at taking a picture of them.


A walk to the library resulted in both an audio book for additional walks as well as a graphic novel for escapist reading.

On the way there, I ran into my neighbor and suggested his family and another neighbor have dinner at my place this Sunday.

There’s still room for one more suggestion.

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