blog of bones

In his brand-new blog, Jason Rhody talks about an empty blog as skin without a body inside, or as a deflated balloon. He provides an image of his blog with no content. Jason does interesting work on gaming and narrative, and his blog is sure to be a good read as it “inflates.”

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3 thoughts on “blog of bones

  1. Marvellous. I was coming to seek George’s help in formulating a reply to Matt’s surrender question (see URL below) and the top of the list of URLs was the “blog of bones” entry. Very appropos.
    Looking to George to put some wind in the sails at the comment section of the mgk entry. I was wondering if George’s acquaintance with Methodist texts could be relied upon to point towards commentary on Ecclesiastes 11:1 that could enlighten the economy of the gift that is “comment blogging” as Matt names it or “peripheral bloggin” as Jill Walker does in an entry at jill/txt.
    BTW, Jason submitted a comment to Jill’s entry on peripheral blogging. I wonder if he could connect that comment to George’s title “blog of bones” title…

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