c18 and humanities computing

I had lunch with Jeff Rydberg-Cox today {along with his 10-month-old son, Sam} at Nichols Lunch, a Kansas City landmark for 70 years. I’ve wanted to eat there since I moved here, largely because a friend of mine in Maryland, Phil, had been to KC and told me about it. They serve good, solid diner food to a clientele that looks like they’ve been coming there since it opened. I had eggs, biscuits, and the first decent grits I’ve had since I moved here. Not the most balanced meal, but tasty.

Jeff helped me think through some ideas for scholarly electronic projects as well as possible funding sources. My career goals are to keep a hand in humanities computing as well as to do work in the eighteenth century, so this was a very useful conversation to have. Although I’m involved with the art gallery project {not yet publicly accessible} at Romantic Circles, I’d still like to have something to call my own. I’m considering a number of projects, and Jeff is very good at getting down to brass tacks when it comes to funding, staffing, and logistics – and he likes to think big. Tonight I’m chewing over these ideas and thinking about the future.

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