shock and awe?

I’m feeling a bit numb from non-stop coverage of the war in Iraq. Maybe “numb” isn’t the right word. “Unsettled” is more like it. Hard to think about other things. I’m also irritated by the uncritical adoption by news outlets of the language of the Pentagon: “shock and awe”?

My dad made it back home without incident. He doesn’t have cable and lives far enough away from Atlanta that he doesn’t really get broadcast news, so he’s keeping up with the BBC on his short-wave radio.

L reports that 150,000 protesters were expected today around NYU, and so at last report, the conference organizers were considering moving today’s panels uptown. In other news, L spent 20 minutes yesterday sitting next to Spike Lee in Washington Square Park.

Update: 9:50 pm: The New York Times has an article with details on the protest in Manhattan. A new Get Your War On has some satisfying commentary on the media and “shock and awe.”

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