half the cornfield in the house

Yes, we had some very bad weather yesterday. Drove to the airport and back after the worst of it under some clouds that were straight out of The Wizard of Oz. Saw the aftermath in one area: houses destroyed, trees snapped halfway up the trunk, debris strewn across the highway and hanging from trees. The KC area wasn’t the only one hit in the Midwest, either.

Update: FYI, I am not a tornado virgin.

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7 thoughts on “half the cornfield in the house

  1. Bet you thought you’d left the tornados behind when you moved out of Maryland. Glad to hear you were out of the way.

  2. find kansacityblogs -exec grep -l tornado {}

    A Voyage to Arcturus Brain Fizz Fallible George H. Williams A New Version of Me Suck is Life The Rattler

  3. Glad you were able to dodge the tornados. I’d heard about them on the news. It sounded pretty bad.

  4. Yeah, I was thinking about you even though I don’t really *know* you other than through Chuck (and occasionally lurking on your blog). tornados are scary creatures. worse than stuffed pets….

  5. Thanks, Doreen. Living downtown apparently has its advantages; tornados seem to bypass urban centers, for whatever reason.
    We are currently being treated to non-stop television weather coverage (on all the stations) of another tornado and rough storm. Currently near (or having just passed by) Lawrence, Kansas, which is about 40 miles from here. Out my window, however, things are overcast but not particularly threatening.
    The cat on our couch might as well be stuffed, for all the moving he’s doing lately.

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