danger bees, updated

I’m leaving for the airport soon to head home, but I wanted to record one anecdote from last night’s trip to Pasadena.

As we were walking back to the bus, we had to step off the sidewalk into the street for a bit because there was yellow police tape blocking off a 20X20-foot square around a tree with a printed sign reading “Danger! Bees.” On the ground around the tree were thousands of dead bees.

I have three questions regarding this:

  1. What good is the sign going to do? If I’m 20-feet away from a swarm of bees, I’m probably going to get stung.
  2. They have pre-printed “Danger! Bees” signs? How often are they used?
  3. What good is the police tape going to do? Do the bees stay within the boundary of the tape?

Update: Heidi reflects on miller moths in Denver, confesses that the idea of a “Danger! Bees” sign gives her the “heebie jeebies,” and provides a link to a photo of such a sign along with an explanation that the bee problem in Southern California is with killer bees. Yikes!

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