I never get sick. I can count on one had the number of times I’ve been sick in the last ten years. I’m like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable, only my invulnerability is focused on an unusually strong resistance to illness.

And yet, here I am in bed with a head full of gunk, spacy on cold medicine, trying to get my semester-prep work done along with other responsibilities.


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9 thoughts on “bed-ridden

  1. Ick. So sorry to hear you’re sick, George. If you can bear a recommendation: Zicam. It’s the homeopathic zinc-based nasal gel that’s pretty much available at every drugstore. It’s nasty to use, but man, does it work. In the last two years, I’ve started to get three different colds, but each time started in with the Zicam right away, and presto change-o, cold disappears.
    No, this is not comment spam — just the testimonial of a satisfied customer. Feel better soon!

  2. I’m feeling much better, thanks. I should be up for pizza and _The Two Towers_ tomorrow.
    Unfortunately, L is under the weather, but hopefully she’ll feel better.

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