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My classes start on the 13th. I’m updating one syllabus and writing another one from scratch.

I have tweaked my explanation of the rules (PDF) for “Ivanhoe: a game of critical interpretation,” an unconventional assignment that I blogged about earlier. I’ll be having my students play Ivanhoe in my Spring section of Introduction to British Literature, 1

If you were a student, would this make sense to you? What might seem unclear? What questions would you have?

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5 thoughts on “rules for ivanhoe

  1. looks understandable enough to me. the only point that i see that might confuse some is how comments relate to entries. they can be used to critically assess the entries and their relation to the text, but the “how you might respond in one of your own entries” is a bit blurrier.
    if one student adds to a text’s plot, and a second student wants to build further on that addition should the addition be an entry of its own?
    perhaps it would be better if comments were reserved for analytical critiques, and entries were the only place for plot additions/revision/etc.
    i wish you had included a game like this in the class i took.

  2. Thank you for the feedback, Eric. I’ll try to make things clearer in the revised version.
    Are you saying you didn’t have enough fun in the class you took from me? ;-)

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