help for the color-design challenged

Admiring the new color scheme over at WeezBlog and working on setting up course blogs for next semester (with frequent stupid questions sent Liz Lawley‘s way), I’m remembering that back in the days of the browser-safe color palette, Lynda Weinman had a book called Coloring Web Graphics that included page after glossy page of sample website designs with color codes for the creatively lazy. If you liked a particular design, it was easy to just adopt the colors for your own purposes.

Does anything like that exist out on the web? (He asked without bothering to google first.)

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6 thoughts on “help for the color-design challenged

  1. Wow! Both are very useful tools. Thanks!
    I’ve used them to pick some colors for my Spring Semester course sites. Will provide links once they are up and functional.

  2. remodeling

    So, you can see that I’ve been remodeling. Thanks to Barevná schémata, I landed on a pallet which I hope looks good. I owe that link to a certain meander: – first to the Salt Box, in which fellow herder…

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