i had planned to go to bed early…

…because a late night of karaoke meant I spent today in low-watt mode. But I’ve been working on getting Liz Lawley’s MT Courseware set-up to work on my teaching installation of MT. Still have kinks to work out (I’m pretty sure the kinks are on my end, somehow), and coding/tagging always seems to keep me up later than I intend.

Earlier, I made some good progress on revising syllabi for the upcoming semester, including refining my use of the game Ivanhoe, something I wrote about earlier.

We were also fortunate enough today to catch the Marsden Hartley (images via google) exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. I had seen his painting entitled “Christ Held by Half-Naked Men” (1940-1941) at the Hirshhorn in D.C., but I was unfamiliar with his larger body of work, which is quite varied.

Finally, I continued to tweak this blog’s layout. Thanks to Jason for reminding me to check out the CSS provided by Blue Robot and to Eric Sigler for the pointer to MTSimpleComments.
There are still kinks, but I’m just too pooped right now to figure them all out.

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  1. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year, everyone. Other than a clutch of links the other day my last contribution to the blogosphere were the now timeless musings on sneakers and toothbrushes which are to be found below. What’s been happening in the interim?

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