contest: teaching blog needs a name

The group blog on creating and sharing teaching resources needs a name. I am hereby announcing a contest in which the winner, chosen through a complicated caucus-based process, will be sent a compact disc music mix created by me, featuring fantastic tracks by artists you’ve never heard of. The intended audience of and participants in the blog are those who teach in English departments, although their areas of specialization within that discipline are open.

Teaching. The discipline of English. The open-source philosophy. Keep these things in mind, dear reader, as you vie with countless competitors for the international honor that winning this contest will bring you.

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13 thoughts on “contest: teaching blog needs a name

  1. In the spirit of LawMeme, I’ll throw LitMeme or TeachMeme into the mix, although I don’t particularly like either.
    Francois’s more recent suggestion is quite good, though.
    How many times can we enter?

  2. Thanks to everyone for their contributions. I’ll hold off on expressing a preference.
    My sources tell me there are no limits on how many times you can enter.

  3. I like BlogN too. Can’t think of anything clever myself right now. But there is a lot to be said for simplicity and transparency, as Scott’s post suggests. Open Source English? Though I suppose that’s what subtitles are for. Englog sounds like a cloying holiday drink. See blog run could work, maybe with some cute illustrations from an old reader.
    Hmm. I may post again.

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