group blog on creating and sharing teaching resources

I agree with Mike that we should just start with a blog, “since that’s the method all parties seem familiar with.” If you would like to participate in a group blog on sharing teaching resources and creating resources collaboratively, email me at ghw[at]wordherders[dot]net with a username and password. I’ll add you to the list of authors on a blog I’ve set up.

[In case you’re just joining us, dear reader, here are my first post and second post on the subject.]

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4 thoughts on “group blog on creating and sharing teaching resources

  1. Sharing Teaching Resources

    I’ve been following with great interest a conversation developing over at George’s place on the possibility of creating an open-source collection of resources for teaching literature. It now appears that the first iteration of such a project will be a …

  2. George, I don’t have MT at school yet (or I’ve forgotten the URL), but here is a link to a site that seems to be addressing a similar concern:
    I *know* that the teaching blog will have somewhat different goals, but it’s a useful reference nonetheless.
    By the way, I’ve mentioned the blog in passing idea to several of my collagues, and there seems to some interest in getting involved at some level.

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