new year, new layout

I switched back to a 2-column layout. If you are experiencing any weirdness in how it displays (e.g. on Mac’s), please let me know. Include your OS version and your browser version. Thanks!

Update: Other things I’m trying to achieve include changing “recent comments” on the main page to “recent comments and trackbacks” (any tips on how to do that?), using the “categories” function, and using a drop-down for the categories and archive months. Yes, I’m just stealing features from some of my favorite blogs. Oh, I’d also like to enable limited HTML in the comments, but I’m unsure how to do that. I know I could read around on the web and figure it out for myself, but I’ll start with the lazy approach: can anyone point me in the right direction?

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9 thoughts on “new year, new layout

  1. Yo, George. I was wondering what was up. I’m on a Mac (10.3, running Safari), and what had been your middle-column still appears exactly where it had before — i.e., there’s a big blank space where your left column previously was.
    The irony is that I was looking at your source code yesterday, contemplating a move to a 3-column format….

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