things that make you go deaf

Friggin’ fire alarm. Again. At least this time it was turned off sooner. It could be half as loud and it would still fulfill its purpose.

You know what else was loud, back in the day? H¸sker D¸.

I remember watching the Joan Rivers Show when H¸sker D¸ was on. They were promoting their just-released double album Warehouse: Songs & Stories.

Joan said something like, “I’ve been doing my homework. And I know that you guys don’t write the same angry songs you used to.” Bob Mould responded, “Yeah, well, we’re not seventeen anymore.”

All this by way of telling you that Bob Mould has a blog, now. (Thanks, Geoffrey.)

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4 thoughts on “things that make you go deaf

  1. Matt, I agree. It’s an unusual experience to read someone you think of in a completely different context discuss either the place where you live (or used to live) or the everyday minutiae that we all blog about.
    Chuck, woo-hoo! Bob Mould linked to me!
    Am just now putting on his 2002 album _Modulate_ for the first time:

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