what’s it take for a woman…

…to make the cover of Wired magazine?

I’ve subscribed for a few years now, and when the current issue came, L saw the cover and pointed out that the only women we’ve seen on the cover in the past several issues haven’t exactly been known for their accomplishments in the fields of technology:

You have to go all the way back to 1996 to find a cover story on Sherry Turkle, and before that to 1994 for one on Laurie Anderson. Other than these two cover stories, there are none on women in technology.

See for youself. Check out the Wired archive of covers. Pretty shameful, no?

It’s not like there aren’t enough candidates. (Thanks to Caterina Fake on misbehaving.net for the link.)

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2 thoughts on “what’s it take for a woman…

  1. Sadly, Wired has always been like that.
    I was a subscriber back when it first started up, but after a year or two, I called them (or maybe emailed?) — anyway, I cancelled my subscription because I was so fed up with the coverboy inequality.

  2. I’m thinking about letting my sub lapse, too. The magazine mostly feels like it provides a catalogue for the latest cool toys, rather than an engaging consideration of technology and culture.

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