orgasmic retribution fiber

I’ve been fighting a fever all day. Not much sleep last night and many weird dreams. The last words I remember from my last dream: “orgasmic retribution fiber.” I have no idea what it means, either.

And while we’re on the subject of surreal wordplay, I am saddened to learn that Dave Blood, bassist for the Dead Milkmen, has commited suicide. I can’t say I was ever a big fan, but the Dead Milkmen were the first band I ever interviewed back when I was a fledgling music journalist in Atlanta. Although I did a terrible job, and although they had a reputation for skewering morons, they were very kind to me, and I managed to write up an article that didn’t suck too badly.

Perhaps this isn’t a song Blood liked, but it’s one I think of whenever I hear of another suicide.

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5 thoughts on “orgasmic retribution fiber

  1. I can’t say what *your* dream meant, but I can say that last night I dreamt that my replacement credit cards were all being mailed to you.
    This has been a great puzzle. I woke up furious that the postman couldn’t distinguish between “” and “”

  2. I’ve recently had two dreams about my hair–one in which all my hair turns gray, another in which I’m “George Costanza” bald. I’m a little phobic about going bald, so this was scary stuff, an absolute nightmare.
    There is something strangely Surrealist about your dream, but I’m still not sure what the phrase means…

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