CFP: History of Reading

Via the listserv of the History of Reading Special Interest Group:
50th Annual International Reading Association Convention
San Antonio, Texas
May 1-5, 2005
In response to the International Reading Association’s desire to have consistency in all programs for the 50th Annual Meeting in San Antonio, the History of Reading SIG must have its programs ready to submit to IRA Headquarters by June 1, 2004. Therefore, proposals for presenting at the History of Reading SIG in Toronto [sic, I think they mean in San Antonio] must be received by May 1, 2004.

A proposal may relate to any area of reading but will have a greater chance
of acceptance if it addresses the organization’s intended purpose. The
purpose of the History of Reading SIG, as stated in its constitution, is to
ìencourage historical research in the field of reading and literacy, to
provide a forum for exchange of ideas and information about the history of
reading and reading instruction, and to promote the development of a body
of historical knowledge about reading and literacy.î
Criteria for judging the merit of a proposal shall be:
? 1. Consistency of the proposal’s subject and content with the History of
Reading SIG’s purpose as stated in its constitution. (30 points)
? 2. Clarity of the proposal (30 points)
? 3. Potential for generating interest in a large segment of the History of
Reading membership. (20 points)
? 4. Uniqueness and originality of the proposal (10 points)
? 5. Potential for adding new information to the body of knowledge (10
International Reading Association
San Antonio, 2005
DIRECTIONS: Follow these steps in submitting a proposal.
1. On a separate sheet, prepare a 200-300 word abstract of the paper to be
presented at the History of Reading SIG in San Antonio. Include the title
of the paper, but do not list author(s) or affiliation(s). Proposals will
receive blind review and will be judged by the criteria included in this
2. Submit one (1) copy of the cover sheet and three (3) copies of the
summary to: Marilyn McKinney, CEB 354, College of Education, MS 3005,
University of Nevada at Las Vegas, 4505 Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV
89154 USA, 702-895-3337 (work). Electronic submissions should be sent to: or All submissions must be
received by May 1, 2004.
1. Full title of paper as you wish it to appear on the program:
2. Principal contact information:
Name: _______________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________
Telephone No.:__________________(Work) _____________________(Home)
Email address:_________________________________________
3. Author’s name and affiliation:
First author’s name and affiliation: ___________________________
Second author’s name and affiliation:__________________________
Third author’s name and affiliation: __________________________
Have you presented at a History of Reading SIG meeting before? YES___ NO___

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