do they have a toddler mosh pit?

Checking in on the daily news at Pitchforkmedia, I came across a reference to “the D.C.-based ‘punk rock kids’ show’ Pancake Mountain” and I thought, “There’s a punk rock kids’ show named Pancake Mountain?”

Yes, there is.

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4 thoughts on “do they have a toddler mosh pit?

  1. Laugh if you want but I don’t think it is as strange (or unique) as it sounds – this is part of a trend of more interesting music for kids and the parents who take care of them – there is only so much Raffi and Wee Sing that a parent can take. Some favorites at our house are NO and Bed Bed Bed by They Might be Giants, Jerry Garcia and David Grisman’s Not For Kids Only, anything by Dan Zanes, Elizabeth Mitchell, and our current listening Indian Elephant Tea by the Big Kidz Band.

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