here’s a riddle for you

Why is it that people who play their music too loudly (in their car in the alley behind your building, for example, or in the apartment next door) always play crappy music?

New next-door neighbors moved in yesterday. They look like adults, but I’ve been treated to what sounds like MTV pop/r&b all afternoon. Just once I’d like to hear a car drive by blasting Liz Phair, the Pixies, say, or the Clash.

Okay, how do I deal with this? “Hi, I’m your neighbor. Would you turn that shit down?” No, that won’t work. “Hi, I’m your neighbor. You know, you’re obviously so clueless about apartment living we’ll probably be able to hear you having sex.” Nope. “Hi, you voted for Bush, didn’t you?” Nah. “Hi. Ever hear of the social contract?” Uh-unh.


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5 thoughts on “here’s a riddle for you

  1. We’ve had a rash of this, too–made all the more irritating by the fact that our block is almost preposterously idyllic. (Which surely was a reason they moved in?)
    My wife’s been known to take our baby outside and say, “Hi–you remember our baby? Thanks for waking him up. What do you suggest I do with him?” Invariably, people apologize and offer to turn it down, a move that allows Aimee to play her trump card: “It’s too late to turn it down *now*: You’ve already woken him up.” This will frequently buy us a window of peace.
    We can also, frankly, compete. I’ve got surround sound and am not afraid to use it, and a collection of old-school East-Coast rap music that goes back 20 years.

  2. Nothing wrong with the direct approach in asking them to turn it down. Competition only works if you can isolate it to the loud neighbors (not likely); otherwise you just become an ass to everyone else around you.
    After dealing with this in houses, rental apartments, condos and cubicles at work, I believe that people will never completely quit being stupid and inconsiderate.
    Does that cork-lined room thing really work?

  3. Nothing a little call to the cops won’t solve.
    I am going through the same crap. Idjit neighbor kept having parties. I would call the cops. They would show up, tell em to knock it off. Then a few hours later a fight would break out in the front yard. So, I would call again.
    After the third time, I told the dispatcher I wanted to be contacted, and told the officer when he arrived I wanted to press charges against the dumbass. He went over and told them to knock it off, then came back and told me, “If they so much as fart loud, call and ask for me.” Those were his exact words.
    What’s bad is the guy that lived there before him was as big of a loon. He let his dogs bark contstantly, 24/7. I finally got fed up and contacted the cops about him.
    I’ve tried the direct approach – it doesn’t work with these morons. I’ve called them while the noise was going on. I’ve gone over and banged on their doors – it doesn’t get through their skulls that they are being assholes.

  4. Well, at around 11 the other night I went and knocked on the door. He was very polite and said he’d turn it down. But I think they just don’t realize how much the bass carries through the walls.

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