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  1. muahahahaha. You have joined the ranks of the righteous! Erm, or whatever. Watch for weirdnesses in your CD-ROM drive, and send it in for service if you see any little thing wrong with it. If you don’t, the problem might just become worse when you’re way out of warranty.
    Enjoy! They’re good little machines. When Ethan first came to visit me from Seattle, he took out his little PowerBook to check his e-mail. Putting it to sleep for the night shortly afterwards, he set it down next to my own PowerBook and we sighed in parental goopiness: they were “breathing” in unison. Awwww.

  2. OooohAhhhh. It’s gorgeous, George. I might pester you with a few questions about the PowerBook in coming weeks. Coincidentally, I’m in the market for my first new computer in eight(!!) years and am seriously considering making The Switch. My one major concern is whether or not we’ll be able to set up the kind of home office wireless network we want if one of us is running a PC and the other a Mac (Matt has decided to stay with a PC for the time being and is currently pricing Dell models). Just out of curiosity, what does L. use?

  3. We have two M$ computers (a Gateway desktop running Windows 98, and a Dell laptop running 2k) and two Apple computers (both 12″ Powerbooks running OSX) that all access the ‘net through the same wireless access point (made by D-Link). We have not tried to get the computers to share files with each other, and we have not yet tried to figure out how to incorporate a networked printer, but otherwise, no problems!

  4. I have 4 PC’s a Dual G4, and an iBook (G3 900), and they all get along just fine. I have a wireless point, and several run the cable, they share printers and public folders just fine. OSX made that a whole lot easier. Also, if OSX can’t find it then you could try CUPS (Common Unix print System, I think). And that will work most of the time.

  5. I have no problem gaming on my 20″ iMac. Matter of fact, it is awesome! I have all the Blizard games running just fine – and nothing beats Warcraft III in widescreen. I thought that game rocked when I played it on my PC until I played it on the Mac.
    Networking a PC to a Mac is sooo stupid easy. It just works. If you run into any problems, it is gonna be on the PC side of things. For example, when I was trying to get it working I was beating my head against the wall for two days. For some reason, on Windows XP anyway, you can share directories out the wazoo – but when it comes time to connect from the Mac ya can’t. Why? Because for some idiot reason MS decided to let ya do that without the frickin’ networking being turned on! So, all I had to do was turn on networking and all worked well. This type of programming is a major gripe of mine – either make it so the user can’t share a directory, or turn the sharing on if it is off – simple solution. But noooooo … we are talking MS here. I mean, just how stupid *is* Add/Remove Programs anyway? My fellow Mac people can understand.
    I am at almost two months now of being a Mac user. I have had the Windows box on for about three hours during that time. I will never ever use a Windows machine again at home… matter of fact, I don’t have a clue what I am going to do with the one I have now, other than scavenge the drives and put them in firewire cases.
    Damn I love this machine!

  6. Wow–love all these Mac testimonials. Jason, I’m sure this is a question only a non-gamer would ask, but _why_ can’t you game on a Mac? A dearth of gaming software developed for Apple users? Or does the problem lie with the operating system? Or something else?

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